Tornado touches down in Windsor area, widespread damage

Tornado damage reported in LaSalle, Ontario
Posted at 7:57 PM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 08:38:28-04

Neighbors on Riberdy Street in Windsor are dealing with heavy damage, after it appears a tornado swept through the area Wednesday night.

An RV was tossed on top of a car, car windows were blown out and trees were thrown onto homes.

Neighbors told stories of huddling in garages, covering loved ones and waiting for the storm to end.

Debra Andrukonis tells us, "I've lost one car. A Christmas tree is actually on top of it. It's sad when I look around. You can see the pain in people's faces."

Emergency crews were up and down the road, dealing with the damage, downed power lines and other concerns.

They told 7 Action News there were no significant injuries to anyone.

Firefighters say it's the first tornado in city limits since the late 1970s.

LaSalle, Ontario was also hard hit. It is located on the southwest side of Windsor and just northeast of Grosse Ile.

The storm originated in Wyandotte and picked up intensity as it crossed the Detroit river. Video and photos began flooding Facebook and Twitter accounts with reports of damage.

Video from Jason Belanger: