Trenton neighborhood receives racist flyers for the second time

Posted at 5:47 PM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-09 19:22:47-04

For the second time this summer, a community in Trenton has been targeted with racist literature.

In July, flyers advertising the Ku Klux Klan were left on people’s lawns on Trumball Street. Just a few days ago, new flyers appeared and this time Trenton Police are calling the message threatening.

Trenton Police Chief Steven Voss told 7 Action News that there’s a difference between freedom of speech and threatening mail. He said this latest round of flyers is threatening towards a specific minority.

Voss said his department met with the FBI on Thursday about the issue and the FBI is going to investigate as well.

Amy Risher lives off Trumball St. and is a longtime Trenton resident. She’s disturbed someone would take the time to pass this kind of flyer out.

"Print it all out, fold them up, buy the rocks that they did, put them in the bottom of the bag, fold up the paper, put them in there and throw them on people's lawns. You're seriously pathetic,” said Risher.

Voss said this latest round of flyers could be considered a hate crime because of their threatening content.

“It’s just horrible, find something positive to do with your time,” said Risher. "I'm afraid the next step might be bigger."

Police and the FBI do no want this crime to continue. They are looking for information about who is responsible and why.

They would like anyone with information to call 734-676-3825.