Troy firefighters battle two car fires in Somerset Collection parking deck in as many days

Posted at 11:27 AM, Dec 19, 2016

Troy Fire Department firefighters battled two car fires in the Somerset Collection parking garage in as many days, the department announced Monday.

The first fire happened at 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon in section 2H of the north parking deck. Because of the location of the fire, crews could not enter the deck and tried to connect to the parking deck's standpipe system.

Crews say the car fire was threatening nearby cars, and there were several leaks in the standpipe system, making it tough for crews to hold water pressure. Eventually, firefighters were able to put the fire out with only minor damage to another vehicle.

According to the fire department, the vehicle was parked and unoccupied when the fire started. It appears to have started in the engine compartment.

At 4 p.m. Sunday, crews were once again called to the same area for a report of a second car fire. This was less than 100 feet away from car fire on Saturday.

Knowing there were issues with the standpipe system, crews used a ladder truck to put the fire out. Troy police and Somerset security  were able to contain the fire using several fire extinguishers until crews arrived.

In this fire, the department says a woman was driving the car when she saw smoke coming from the back.