Troy Police officers save this adorable woodchuck

(WXYZ) - The Troy police are in the life-saving business.

But it's not every day they rescue a woodchuck. Saturday was Woody the Woodchuck’s lucky day.

Several Troy police officers responded to a call about a crash at Stephenson Highway and Rochester Road.

When officers arrived, they found the car had instead hit a woodchuck -- and when they looked under the vehicle -- they found Woody cowering in fear.

Megan Lehman, Public Information Officer with the Troy Police Department told WXYZ the officers took it upon themselves to try and save the woodchuck, which appeared to be injured, because they knew Animal Control would not respond to wildlife calls.

Lehman said the officers went to one of the officer’s home nearby and got a crate for the woodchuck, and feed him vegetables. 

Officers Mindy Weingart, Pat McWilliams and Steve Triner, on their off-duty hours, contacted a local wildlife rehab center and brought Woody home.

The department posted video of the adorable woodchuck on Twitter. 

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