Troy police want a cat as their mascot

Posted at 5:08 PM, Mar 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-09 17:08:23-05

We've heard of police dogs, but what about police cats?

Troy police want a mascot at their station but they will only reach that goal with the public's help.

Sgt. Megan Lehman said, "We've been trying to come up with a way that we can have a pet in the workplace."

They may have a K-9 unit but they're missing a feline one.

The police chief told the officers if their Twitter page gets 10,000 followers by April, they can have a police cat.

"We've been moving at 1,000 a day for the past couple of days."

Their efforts have gone viral, as a star from the movie "Super Troopers" retweeted them.

Shaun Bailey of the Michigan Humane Society explained, "I think it's a fantastic way for the police department to try and relate to the people that they serve."

MHS brought in two cats for an interview.

Narwhal and Wombat are interested in "paw" enforcement.

Lehman liked Wombat's behavior.

"Very alert and seems to be very observant too," she said. "Narwhal appears to be really friendly."

They will have to also pass a background check; cats caught with catnip need not apply.

"Friendly and works well with the public just like officers," Lehman explained. "There's a bunch of other skills we think cats have that are law enforcement skills too, like being able to watch people, being alert."

No taxpayer money will be used to care for the police cat. 

So, what will the cat's name be?

Troy police will turn to social media for that.

"Probably some type of naming contest."

If Narwhal or Wombat don't get the job, they'll still need a new home. They are up for adoption with the Michigan Humane Society.