Uber announces bug bounty program for hackers

Posted at 7:19 AM, Mar 23, 2016

It's opening bug season at Uber and hackers who are ready to hunt could bring home a big prize.

Uber is the latest company to invite people to try and expose issues with their software.

The ride share company just announced their bug bounty program on their official blog.

Succeed at finding problems—and you could get up to $10,000 for an exposed critical issue. 

Uber has also created a sort-of hacker loyalty rewards program.

Bounty hunters who have found four verified issues will be enrolled.  If they can find a fifth within a 90 day window (starting May 1)—those elite hackers get an additional payout.

Uber is even releasing what they’re calling a "treasure map" that acts as a guide on how to uncover bugs.

"Even with a team of highly-qualified and well trained security experts, you need to be constantly on the look-out for ways to improve. This bug bounty program will help ensure that our code is as secure as possible. And our unique loyalty scheme will encourage the security community to become experts when it comes to Uber," stated Uber Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan in a press release. 

More details here.