Robbery victim meets woman who set up GoFundMe

Posted at 6:33 PM, Mar 03, 2016

Last month, 7 Action News showed you disturbing video that showed an 85-year-old getting robbed of $800 while at a gas station.

His name is Garnie Edwards. When we first interviewed him, he told us the $800 was his social security check - money that he depended on to pay his bills.

After our story aired, we received several emails and calls from viewers who wanted to donate money to Mr. Edwards.

One of those 7 Action News viewers, Molly Clark, saw our story, looked up Mr. Edwards and gave him a call. She told him she wanted to start a GoFundMe page for him so he can get his money back.

"If it was my grandfather or my father, I would want someone to do that for them. How somebody could just take his money and not think twice about it," she says.

Thanks to other generous people, Molly raised $1600 in just a couple of days.

7 Action News was there when Molly and Mr. Edwards met for the first time. When Mr. Edwards got the check, he said" Thank you very much! That's great! I'm behind on some bills now, but with this I can catch up!"

Mr. Edwards says he's overwhelmed by how people have responded to his story.

"If there's anything left over, I'm going to get something done for my hearing," he says.

Mr. Edwards says he's had a tough time since losing his wife a couple of years ago. He's also had a hard time sleeping after the robbery, but now things are looking up thanks to so many kind souls, like Molly.

Both of them say they plan on staying in touch.