Truck hits overpass; Closures at 8 Mile & US-23

Posted at 6:24 AM, Mar 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 17:23:15-05

After a semi truck traveling on US-23 struck an overpass at 8 Mile Road, parts of both roadways have been closed. The northbound lanes of US-23 at 8 Mile near Whitmore Lake are closed and 8 Mile is closed where it passes over the freeway.

Police say the overpass was one of several struck by an arm that was sticking up on the back of the truck.

Northfield Township police say the 8 Mile Road bridge above US-23 will be shut down for the next three months while it undergoes repairs. 

The Michigan Department of Transportation says northbound US-23 is also going to be closed indefinitely as they will need to demolish the 8 Mile bridge before northbound US-23 can safely reopen.

The other overpasses that were hit have been inspected and, officials say, they were not damaged.

According to Northfield Township police, bridge demolition will begin either Thursday night or Friday, and they aren't sure when it will be completed. Officials say the bridge was already scheduled for repair this fall, but the work is being moved up because of the accident.

There is no word yet on any injuries from the Thursday morning accident.

Police are urging drivers to avoid the area.

There's no word if the driver will face any charges. 

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