Vandals target bees at Detroit Hives nonprofit

Posted at 10:19 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 22:53:12-04

Vandals put a buzzkill on a bee population in Detroit. Detroit Hives discovered two of its hive towers knocked over and they say it was intentional.

The co-founders of Detroit Hives say they aren't sure if the bees will make it through the winter months now. 

"This was pretty hard on the bees because we had some strong weather,” said Timothy Jackson, co-founder of Detroit Hives. 

The bees have been working for months to store for the winter, and all of that effort is now likely ruined, he said. 

At the urban bee farm, colonies of bees are cared for in an effort to create a sustainable environment in the neighborhood. The vacant lots allow the bees to flourish by pollinating flowers, fruits and vegetables. That was until the two colonies were knocked over at Detroit Hives on the corner of Hoover and East State Fair. 

"It is so so so so frustrating," said Co-founder Nicole Lindsey. "Because I want people to understand what we are doing here. Bees are so important to our ecosystem. They are responsible for one third of our foods and people don't know that."

The hives not only helped with food and the environment, but are also the focus of education for the nonprofit.