VIDEO: Ferndale boy's rant on dating is hilarious

Posted at 11:20 AM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-12 14:55:16-05

An 8-year-old Ferndale boy’s opinion on why he’s holding off on dating until he’s in middle school has got us cracking up.

Dawson Johnston’s mother, Deanna, said she knew the next thing coming out of her son’s mouth were going to be funny when he started talking about dating.

“So I’m waiting to get a girlfriend until middle school because you have to deal with girl drama. I’m telling my friend Kennedy to do the same,” he said while riding in the back of his mom’s car Sunday.

Dawson’s rant was posted on Facebook Sunday and already has nearly 2,000 video views.

He also had some choice words for his mom the next time she asks for his opinion on which shoes to wear.

“Look in the mirror. Talk to your shadow,” said Dawson Johnston.

Dawson is a student at Webb Elementary.

"Dawson is full of energy. He's so smart Has got great wisdom and yes, he gives great advice," said Deanna Johnston.