VIDEO: Fireworks smoke & fog leaves metro Detroit's air quality very unhealthy

Posted at 7:47 AM, Jul 05, 2024

A combination of fireworks smoke and fog overnight have made the air quality in metro Detroit extremely unhealthy.

Video from our Mt. Clemens tower camp showed the smoke and the fog hanging over the city and it's something many people are dealing with in metro Detroit because of the inversion.

If you look at the air quality map, a line from Detroit northwest all the way to Flint has "very unhealthy" and some areas of "hazardous" air quality.

On the Air Quality Index, it has us in the "unhealthy for all groups" and "very unhealthy: Health alert risk of health effects are increased."

However, there is not an Air Quality Alert in effect.

It's because of an inversion. About 3,000 feet above the surface, it's about 70 degrees, but at the surface, it's only 67 degrees. So when temperature aloft is warmer, it traps all of the things at the surface.

Once the surface temperature goes above the temperature at about 3,000 feet, it should start to get rid of the smoke and fog.