Ray Township man facing jail time after ignoring warrant issued for terrorizing his neighbors

Posted: 6:05 PM, Jul 14, 2016
Updated: 2016-07-14 18:15:26-04

It's quiet farm country in Ray Township in Macomb County. That is, until the gunfire starts.

"We'll start hearing guns - pow pow, bam bam bam... then boom!" says neighbor Brad Bucec.

Residents along the rural stretch of road say their neighbor has spent the past three years blowing things up and shooting guns so often they are scared for their safety and the safety of neighborhood children.

"In the evening you don't expect to hear an automatic gun going off," says Bucec.

"I want the shooting to stop," says another neighbor Joanne Venzuch.

She and her husband live feet from the home in question.

She says her neighbor tried to run her off the road once in retaliation for complaining.

We wanted to speak to Kevin Kazmierczak, the homeowner, to give him a chance to tell his side of things. But we were told he wasn't home. His house is littered with no trespassing signs.

Neighbors also pointed out the multiple cameras he has positioned around his home, including some that appear to point into his neighbor's yard.

We went to the township offices where we found supervisor Charles Bohm.  

"We have just done everything we can through the legal channels," he says. "He can't be reasoned with."

Turns out Kazmierczak was in violation of township ordinances and put on probation. Something he has since violated.

"The judge sentenced him to one year probation, now he has violated that probation and did not show up for a court hearing regarding that violation and a bench warrant has been issued," says Bohm.