Warren Evans, wife say they were racially profiled by employee at Rocket Mortgage Classic

Posted at 1:19 PM, Jun 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-30 16:57:04-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans says he and his wife were racially profiled by an employee during the Rocket Mortgage Classic Golf Tournament Friday.

The former Detroit police chief and his wife, Renata, posted to their Facebook pages what they say happened during the exchange with a security guard.

Evans wrote in the post that his wife was approached several times and asked to present credentials while attending a sponsor event. He added that only people of color were asked multiple times to present credentials during the event. At one point, he says his wife was interacting with someone she knew when the security guard engaged her again asking for credentials.

"Mr disrespectful (an employee of the Detroit Golf Club or one of the Rock Companies or contracted by them) interrupted the conversation and asked my wife for her ID, in his demeanor 'reserved for people of color,'" Evans wrote. "How do I know that you might ask? The answer is that I have experienced that behavior my entire life, the intent is crystal clear..."

Evans wrote that he then attempted to have a conversation with the security guard to address "his demeanor" toward his wife.

"The demeanor was designed to convey suspicion of my wife," Evans wrote. "I did not see that behavior exhibited on anyone but persons of color."

Things then escalated with the guard allegedly raising his voice.

Evans says that after the interaction, he received apologies from other staff in which he was told the situation would be taken care of.

Jason Langwell, executive director of the Rocket Mortgage Classic responded to the incident with a statement saying the security guard involved is no longer affiliated with the tournament.

Read the full statement below.

We were very sorry to learn about Mr. and Mrs. Evans’ poor experience with a security guard from the tournament’s security contractor. As soon as we heard of this situation, we worked with his employer to ensure the guard no longer has any affiliation with our tournament.