Kajavia Globe murder suspect in court

Posted at 12:37 PM, Feb 19, 2016

A Detroit man charged with killing his ex-girlfriend appeared in court to face a judge Friday.

Maxwell Brack was in court for his preliminary examination where a judge will ultimately decide if prosecutors have enough evidence to have Brack ordered to stand trial on a charge of Open Murder.

Kajavia Globe's sister testified about getting a call from Kajavia's current boyfriend who was concerned because she didn't come home after work on December 11.

The next day is when loved ones went to Detroit Police to report the 24-year-old missing.

Also on the stand Friday was an assistant medical examiner who testified that he could not rule out that Kajavia had been suffocated. There were no injuries to her internal organs.

Detroit Police Officer Eugene Fitzhugh described plastic bags investigators found in Brack's old house that were similar to plastic bags found in the garbage bin where Kajavia's body was found. 

Kajavia's body was found behind a vacant house on Fielding Street near Clarita. Brack once lived in a house across the street from that location.

Prosecutors will call an additional witness on February 25 when the court hearing resumes.

Brack's defense attorney has not decided if they will call any witnesses to the stand.

Brack is accused of killing Kajavia Globe back in December. Globe disappeared before Christmas. A few days later, her body was found in the garbage bin.

Kajavia's relatives believe a love triangle reached a boiling point and was part of a motive for murder.

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