Trial in April Millsap murder case continues

Posted at 8:36 AM, Jan 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-28 18:23:09-05

Testimony in the April Millsap murder trial has wrapped up for today, the sixth day of the trial.

James VanCallis is accused of murdering the 14-year-old back in July of 2014. He's charged with first degree murder, kidnapping and assault with intent to commit sexual penetration.

The day she was killed, April Millsap was out walking her dog, Penny, on the Macomb Orchard trail in Armada.

In court on Thursday, jurors were shown pictures of a computer, trash outside along with three shoes, and, what prosecutors say in VanCallis' helmet.

They say VanCallis' helmet was used as a weapon in the murder and then cleaned after the crime.

 Jurors also heard from a key witness for the prosecution as well as a DNA analyst. They also got a look at some of the evidence gathered during a search warrant at his home.

Larissa Lamay with Michigan State Police testified about evidence gathered including the helmet. She said she noticed it was clean and shiny.

Jurors also heard testimony from the DNA analyst who ran through the evidence investigators had gathered.

VanCallis' DNA was not found on on April's clothing or belongings, and while there was unidentified male DNA found in some cases, prosecutors say the samples weren't sufficient to make a determination on whose DNA it was.

Mary Stein also testified in court on Thursday. She was riding bikes on the trail with her husband the day of the murder. She said she saw April next to a guy on the trail and said when she passed April, she felt something was off.

When she passed the guy April was next to, Stein said hi but he said nothing. She said he had an angry look on his face and just looked down.

Her testimony is important for the prosecution because she said she saw his face and he was not wearing a helmet. In court, she pointed to VanCallis as the guy she saw with Millsap.

Testimony resumes Friday morning at 9 o'clock. We're expecting to hear from investigator who will testify about Internet searches done by VanCallis on his phone and computer.