Waterford business owner calling out those who illegally dump trash at Old Summit Place Mall

'Not In My Backyard!'
Posted at 10:35 PM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 23:16:51-04

If you are caught illegally dumping on one particular block, be prepared to be called out.

The voice? A man who is fed up and furious.

People are targeting the Old Summit Place Mall in Waterford to dump their trash, and one resident is not having it.

Waterford Township Trustee Anthony Baratolotta is calling illegal dumpers out. Most people call him Tony.

He owns the car wash across the street, and when he and his crew spot something suspicious going down at the mall, they pounce and always call the police.

Baratolotta tells Action News that in the last week they’ve busted two people illegally dumping and three people breaking into this once occupied place. 

It’s not going to be tolerated anymore, Baratolotta said.

"I mean, this is bad enough, with this eyesore over here," he added. "But for people to come over here and keep destroying it. NO. It’s not gonna happen."

Not only does Baratolotta keep an eye out for this area, the cops do too. If you’re caught illegally dumping, you’re looking at a fine.