Waterford Township trying to remove adopted dog Diggy from new home

Posted at 6:48 AM, Jun 10, 2016

The internet fell in love with his face.

The smiling dog formerly known as Sir Wiggleton took the internet by storm when a photo was posted to Facebook of him smiling with his new adoptive owner, Dan Tillery. 

But, now, Waterford Township is trying to remove Sir Wiggleton, now named Diggy, from his new home, according to a news release from Detroit Dog Rescue. After the story went viral, residents reportedly called police because they were concerned the dog was a pit bull. Having a pit bull violates city ordinance in Waterford Township.

Tillery says police officers came to his house and determined Diggy was a pit bull just by visual inspection. 

Tillery says he explained Diggy is an American Bulldog, citing supporting adoption papers from Detroit Dog Rescue, City of Detroit Animal Control & Welfare, and their veterinarian.

According to Waterford Township police, an ordinance prevents any person from owning, possessing or maintaining a pitbull or pitbull terrier within the township. He was told the dog had to be relocated out of the township by Monday, June 13, and Tillery said he had a place to take the dog.