Wayne County judge accused of covering up grandchildren's ongoing abuse to protect son

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Posted at 9:26 PM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 21:26:03-05

WAYNE COUNTY (WXYZ) — A Wayne County circuit court judge is facing several judicial misconduct charges after a complaint was filed against her.

Judge Tracy Green is facing several charges for allegedly covering up evidence involving her son and grandchildren. Her son, Gary Davis-Headd, was charged and convicted in 2019.

"False statements by judges are a serious thing," said Lynn Helland, executive director for the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission.

Helland says Judge Green made false statements about her knowledge of the abuse and covered up evidence.

"We found evidence that she had been aware of abuse that her son was committing and then made efforts to cover up some of that abuse," Helland said. "When asked about it, she provided false information about her knowledge."

The complaint alleges Green was aware that her son was prone to abusive behavior and stern punishment, also using a belt on his two sons, both under 11 years of age. The complaint also mentions Green was made aware of the abuse by her grandchildren and saw marks on one of the boys faces, who said they were done by his father.

Green is also accused of trying to hide some of the abuse by using makeup to cover up bruises.

"The commission thought it was serious enough to bring charges and depending how those charges play out," Helland said. "The Supreme Court will have a chance to pass on the seriousness of it as well."

Green's son was convicted of two counts of second-degree felony child abuse.

7 Action News reached out to Green for comment but haven’t heard back. Next there will be a hearing in which the judge will have the opportunity to tell her side about what happened. A master will then make a recommendation and after that the commission will decide whether or not there is enough evidence to move forward.

No date has been determined for that hearing.