Wayne State University approves 3.75 percent tuition hike

Grad tuition increases by 4 percent
Posted at 4:30 PM, Jun 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-23 16:30:26-04

New and current Wayne State University students will be paying more for school next year as the university approved a 3.75 percent tuition increase for 2018.

The university's Board of Governors approved the hike which does stay under the state's tuition restraint cap of 3.8 percent. It will increase the tuition to $16 or less per credit hour for al undergraduate students.

They also increased tuition by 4 percent for graduate students.

According to the university, more than 13 percent of students have their tuition and fees fully funded with financial aid, and that's expected to grow with the Wayne Access Aware launched in December.

“In recent years we have worked hard to identify new efficiencies and ways to streamline our operations to try and avoid or minimize tuition increases," President M. Roy Wilson said in a statement. "We have cut millions of dollars from operations over the past decade, and are currently in the process of changing our budgeting process and financial systems to build in even greater discipline and accountability."

Right now, according to the university's tuition calculator, an undergraduate lower division student, which is a freshman or sophomore, will pay $360.39 per credit hour.

The tuition calculator says an undergraduate lower division student taking 15 credits per semester will pay $6,134.25 per semester, which includes tuition, student service fee and registration fee.