It's Common Courtesy Day, don't cell yell

Posted at 7:55 AM, Mar 21, 2016

Happy National Common Courtesy Day! I figured it'd be considerate to inform you that such a day existed. 

If you're wondering some best practices when it comes to being respectful of people around you, it wouldn't hurt to look at your mobile phone habits. 

AT&T released a list of ways to be a better mobile phone user in honor of Common Courtesy Day. Here's a look at some: 

1. No speaker phone in public. 

2. Avoid talking on your cell in a public bathroom or at the store register. 

3. Watch your "Cell Yell." Standard talking voice should do the trick. 

4. Turn down your screen brightness when you're at an event and turn the sound off if you have to text.

5. Avoid group texts unless you know all parties will be on board. 

6. What time is it? Be mindful of appropriate texting times. 

7. Don't text and drive. If you think you'll be tempted, download the DriveMode app. The app will silence messages and send an auto response when you're on the road. 

What are some mobile phone habits that drive you crazy? Share them in the comments below.