Twitter is changing its privacy policy, here's how you modify your settings

Posted at 8:12 AM, May 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-19 15:42:57-04

Twitter is updating its privacy policy and it affects how your personal information is used. 

The policy is centered around tracking its users and tailoring ads and content to fit their interests. But if the thought of allowing too much personal data sharing gives you the willies, there are options.

This week when you logged into Twitter, you likely saw a giant pop-up notice announcing the policy change.

The social media giant details the updates in a blog post. Keeping more detailed tabs on your browsing habits and sharing your personal information with select partners are just some of the things mentioned. 

If a more custom experience isn’t something you’re a fan of, there is good news. The company is putting users in the driver’s seat, giving them more detailed control over their privacy settings.

Users can go into their "personalization and data" tab under "privacy and safety" and opt-out of the specific parts of the policy that make them uncomfortable.

There’s also a tab called "your Twitter data" that you should check out. One of the neat features: you can request the list of advertisers that have included you in a tailored audience.  

Twitter’s new policy will go into effect around June 18 and while these settings will stay switched on by default if you don’t customize, it’s good to know that at least Twitter is giving users the option to decide how their data is used.