Wheelhouse Graphix is reinventing the wheel during the pandemic

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Posted at 5:31 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 18:23:32-05

(WXYZ) — March is Women’s History Month and metro Detroit has so many incredible people doing so many great things in their communities, ideas, dreams, ventures, and projects that have come to life.

All of these things can empower others to do the same and make history of their own.

Our Andrea Isom went to Bloomfield Hills and met a woman with a message that can inspire us all.

Shauna Ryder is the CEO of Wheelhouse Graphix in Bloomfield Hills. She used to be a Special Education teacher before starting her own business.

“It’s 100 percent women-owned. It’s been a journey. I’ve had a lot of support,” says Ryder.

She was always very creative with a flare and an eye for design. That is how Wheelhouse Graphix started.

It is about taking a company, a business, or a place and reimagining it, transforming it, creating a vibe, a culture, and an energy.

“We help their space come to life!” says Ryder enthusiastically.

Wheelhouse Graphix was introduced to the world in 2018. The momentum was magical and then came COVID-19. They like many others slowed down, way down.

But their desire to keep working for the greater good was and is still is top of mind for the team. They have done things for free to help restaurants in need.

They are also come up with new concepts and projects that have been able to help sustain them while sending a very important message and lesson too.

They created the Remote Learning Cubby to help bring the classroom home. It’s a unique and colorful design that resembles bulletin boards, images, references, learning tools you’d see in the classroom, and more.

“We produce all of that here. What’s nice is it just folds up and it can be put away. They could have their own space. And we did one in Spanish as well," says Ryder.

Every Remote Learning Cubby comes personalized for every student. The feedback has been phenomenal. Ryder’s story is really inspirational and shows us how you can turn one passion into another.

“It’s really showed my daughter’s, that you can have one career and start a new one and help others in the meantime,” says Ryder.

Supporting one another, however we can, is everything, the big gestures, and the small ones.

It all means a lot. If you want to help support Shauna Ryder and continue to help Wheelhouse Graphix make a difference check out what they have to offer &