Where are the statues of notable women? This app helps you find virtual ones

Posted at 8:07 AM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 09:40:03-04

It's a new campaign aimed at empowering women across the globe, and it could soon be virtually transforming a park near you.

This idea all revolves around gender equality and the fact that women statues and monuments are -- well -- hard to find.

That’s why marketing company Y&R has launched an effort called the Whole Story Project.

The company says people can now view, share and create virtual statues of notable women using the Whole Story app and web platform.

The mobile app works using augmented reality. Move over, Pokémon.

The company says people can find a virtual statue on the app’s map, walk to the destination and then hold their phone up to see it and learn more about the woman’s historical contribution.

Currently, there are virtual statues in places like Central Park, Washington D.C. -- even overseas in London and Rome, according to the company. 

You can help spread the knowledge. People are invited to create and submit statues of historic women for review in their own cities. 

The free app is available for iOSand Android devices. 

Aside from the virtual presence, Y&R notes in a news release that it is also supporting efforts to get physical statues of historical women in place. 

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The Whole Story from YoungRubicam on Vimeo.