White nationalist flier sparks outrage in Hazel Park

Posted at 11:23 PM, Apr 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-30 06:08:07-04

HAZEL PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) — A flier entitled "Racial Nationalist Manifesto" circulated around Hazel Park over the weekend, outraging many neighbors.

“There was probably like 20 of them just on my street alone," said one woman, who asked that we not use her name.

She said she found the flier near her car on Madge Avenue. Its message is that of white nationalism. Among other things, it condemns mixing races.

“It just kind of sad that we have people like that still in this day and age," the resident said. "And I have children that are mixed race and I don’t want them reading that."

The flier was distributed by the Racial Nationalist Party of America, headquartered in western New York.

“I’m actually really surprised because it’s a very welcoming neighborhood," Mike McFall, another Madge Avenue resident, told 7 Action News Monday. "My husband and I both live here in Hazel Park and we haven’t had any problems so it’s really surprising that something like that would be distributed here."

Several people took to social media to express their concerns.

Some people said they threw the flier away, while others reported it to the Hazel Park Police Department.

Officers told 7 Action News they're aware of the fliers and are currently looking into this.

First Amendment Rights allow the group to distribute the material, however, police said if they were scattered in the street it could be considered littering.

A similar flier circulated in Ferndale back in 2018.

Some of these fliers showed local return P.O. boxes in both Eastpointe and Roseville.

"We saw that that was a big uproar just because people received it at their home and then I also remember seeing another flier — the same flier that went to Ferndale, go to a few homes in Hazel Park as well," McFall said.

Police told 7 Action News they will continue to monitor the situation.