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Cases against 6 suspects in Whitmer kidnapping plot now on hold as feds need more time to process evidence

Posted at 5:37 PM, Oct 26, 2020

(WXYZ) — The federal cases against the 6 people charged with conspiracy to kidnap Governor Whitmer are on hold.

The feds are telling the magistrate judge in Grand Rapids they need more time to process all of the evidence gathered by their undercover agents and confidential informants, as well as guns and explosives seized after several raids earlier this month.

Only some of the evidence has been revealed in the federal case so far:

The defendants showing off rapid reloading of assault rifles.

The alleged mastermind Adam Fox of Grand Rapids showing off the taser he allegedly planned to use on Governor Whitmer. He allegedly set the timing; the kidnapping had to happen before the November 3rd election.

The feds say they have more evidence they are still forensically gathering from cell phones and computers seized during the raids on October 7th.

Only 7 Action News cameras were rolling on the scene the night of the raids, this one at the home by Ty Garbin in Hartland.

Another video in evidence, Garbin’s cache of weapons and his gun safe.

The feds say in a new court document they have more potentially illegal firearms and explosives which must be examined by the FBI and ATF to determine if additional federal charges are appropriate.

The feds also say the FBI has collected hundreds of hours of audio recordings from confidential sources and undercover agents and is still collating that material.

On October 13th and 16, 5 of the 6 charged by the feds were in court for preliminary exams.

They include Kaleb Franks of Waterford, Brandon Caserta of Canton, and Daniel Harris of Lake Orion.

All 5 remain in custody. They face up to life if convicted.

A 6th man arrested in Delaware, Barry Croft, will be coming back to Michigan, but his court date is still not set.

The case was set to go to a grand jury after the election.

Defense attorneys have agreed to the delay for now.