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Prosecution will rest Wednesday in plot to kidnap Governor trial

Posted at 5:43 PM, Mar 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-29 17:43:27-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WXYZ) — The government is wrapping up its evidence against 4 men on trial, charged with conspiracy to kidnap Governor Whitmer over her COVID lockdowns in 2020. It will rest tomorrow in federal court in Grand Rapids.

The defense strategy for Daniel Harris of Lake Orion, Brandon Caserta of Canton Township, Adam Fox of Grand Rapids, and Barry Croft of Delaware has been they were just big talkers and didn’t intend to carry out the plot. Also that they were entrapped by undercover FBI agents and informants who infiltrated the group.

The jury was shown today a Facebook post written by Croft on Memorial Day in 2020 that suggested they could be plotting against several politicians:

Which governor is going to end up dragged off and hung for treason first.

It's really a spin the bottle match at this point and I'm sure a few mayors are in the running!!!

God bless the constitutional republic!!

The post was liked by Adam Fox.

There was testimony of how Caserta wanted to attack police in Canton after a traffic stop in September of 2020. He later posted an online video ranting about police.

The jury was also told Caserta said at the time, “The only thing that's stopping me is I feel I'm needed for a bigger battle.”

In cross-examinations FBI agents admitted there’s nothing illegal about First Amendment free speech and political statements.

FBI Special Agent Chelsea Williams from Detroit testified Kaleb Franks ordered night vision goggles to use in the plot, but they were not delivered to his home in Waterford before he was arrested. The FBI recovered them at a Highland Township pawnshop after monitoring jail conversations Franks had with his girlfriend. Franks is one of two who has taken plea deals in the case.

Judge Robert Jonker told the jury at the end of the day Tuesday, the prosecution will rest and they will take up “some housekeeping matters” without the jury before the defense phase of the case starts. The judge reminded jurors there’s no obligation for defendants to take the stand or to put on any witnesses. The judge said the defense won’t take as long as the prosecution.

This trial has gone 12 days so far.