Why and where you should report stink bug sightings in metro Detroit

How to get rid of stink bugs
Posted at 12:36 PM, Sep 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-22 12:37:33-04

See a stink bug near you? The Midwest Species Information Network is asking you to report sightings of the invasive crop-destroying pest. 

The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) sucks plant juices from fruits, seed pods and nuts on a variety of plants. They are called stink bugs because they actually do stink.

According to research reported on the Michigan State University Extension website, stink bugs are now considered a major pest for growers of valuable crops in Michigan. The bug was accidentally brought to North America from Asia before 1996.

Stink bugs are becoming a nuisance for businesses, homeowners and gardens too. When they are crushed or threatened, they let off a foul odor. Researchers are asking that you report stink bug sightings to the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network.

The Michigan State University Extension says the best way to remove the bug is with a vacuum cleaner. A shop vacuum is recommended. They can also be killed by placing them in a pan of soapy water. Using pesticides is not recommended. For a list of ways to properly eradicate the bugs from your home or garden click here.