Why are more metro Detroit schools being threatened, triggering lockdowns

Posted at 4:51 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 17:12:34-05

More threats were made at three metro Detroit high schools today, causing lockdowns at South Lyon, Milan and Saint Clair Shores. 

At Lake Shore High School a bullet was found in the gym during the first hour. The lockdown lasted two hours until the all clear was given. 

Milan Area Schools received an electronic bomb threat (email) indicating that multiple devices had been placed in several locations within the Milan Area Schools, according to a news release.

Why? Dr. Gerald Shiener, a renowned psychiatrist says the threats are likely to continue. 

“This is an antidote or reaction to feeling powerless or feeling marginalized, being bullied or being left out. It is a desperate measure but shows how disturbed these kids can be.” 

The kids who do these, he says are kids who are craving attention. 

“In psychiatry the thing that you do is, these kids are trying to tell us something. We have to show them that we’re listening.  We have to do something and it has to be tailored to the case.” 

The response can be criminal charges, counseling but also parental involvement. 

Dr. Shiener says, “To make sure that they know what their kids are doing and to make sure they know when they’re unhappy, have change in their behavior, become more withdrawn, more angry, more hopeless, their academic performance drops off.  That means something is wrong.”