Woman comes to WXYZ to get help with refund

Posted at 5:45 PM, Mar 02, 2016

A woman says she gave money to a rental company that she believes is not providing the full service they are promising.

Stacey Bentley wanted her money back and wasn't having any luck - so she contacted us.

Bentley says she had a gut feeling something wasn't right, from the time she handed over the check. She says she didn't wait a few hours or until the next day to ask for a refund, she asked right away and still they said no.

Bentley, a single mom of two, is looking for a new place - her current lease is up April 1st. So, she says she went to Rental Professionals for help.

But she says within minutes of going in, signing the contract and giving them the 99-bucks, she had a feeling something wasn’t right.

She says she walked right back in and asked for a refund.

“They said no,” she says.

That’s when she reached out to us for help – we said yes.

First, we contacted the Better Business Bureau who gives the rental company an A. One reason - because of longevity – they’ve been open since 1992. The other? They took care of 28 complaints within the last 3 years.

Then, we went to the Eastpointe office Stacey went to. They told us to go to their corporate office in Southfield, so we did, and waited awhile.

We were put on the phone with the company’s president, who told us he was going to look into the matter.

Today, he gave us a statement that reads in part:

We regret that Ms. Bentley is unhappy with our service and is requesting a refund. Although we offer a guarantee based on 30-days of service, in the interest of good consumer relations, we will be issuing a full refund.

Rental Professionals says they will have her money ready for Stacey tomorrow afternoon. 

Stacey says she will be picking it up and will not be using them again.