Woman followed by truck driver in Southfield says she was 'terrified'

Posted at 9:50 PM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 21:50:33-04

Chelsea Ross says she was driving down 696 and Franklin on Friday at 1 p.m. when she realized something wasn’t right.


"I don’t really feel safe. I feel someone is following me," said Ross, recounting what she called a terrifying ordeal.

She kept seeing the same car, a white four-door GMC with tinted windows, in her rear view mirror.

"I switched a couple lanes and yet there they were," she said.


At first, she says she thought it was in her head. But after making four turns -- completing a circle --- she realized she couldn't lose the driver.


The car then trailed her all the way from Southfield to a CVS location in Detroit.

She immediately notified a store attendant, but after walking back outside, she realized the car had remained.

The store attendant, she says, immediately came out to question the driver and that’s when it immediately drove away

But after pulling out of the lot herself, she says it began to trail her again, leaving her terrified.

That’s when she called police. But soon after that call, the car mysteriously went away.

Ross is relieved she's safe, but she says she was shocked by the response on a Facebook post about the ordeal.

She says it was shared over 1,200 times, with many other women in the area saying they could relate to her experience.

"The immediate response was I felt that happened to me or I saw a similar situation," she added.

Southfield police say they don’t have record of this being a common issue in the city. But they say if anyone finds themselves in a similar situation, they should call 911 immediately, and then drive to a police station.

If you can't locate a police station, drive to a location that’s well lit and heavily populated.