Woman looking for thief of beloved aloe plant stolen from front porch in Detroit

Posted at 10:34 AM, Aug 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-02 10:57:00-04

While many people put up missing posters for their missing pets, one woman is hoping her posters will reunite her with something as beloved to her as a pet: an aloe plant.

Ran Boban's aloe plant was stolen from her front porch in Virginia Park in Detroit on July 16. She said she's had the plant, affectionately named "Big Al," for three years. 

"My mother gifted him to me when he was just a little guy," Boban said. "Over the past three years, I've had the pleasure of watching him grow into a big, beautiful aloe."

She said Big Al was special to her because he was a gift from her mother, and she was hoping to have him long enough to pass him down to her future children.

If found, the reward is $50. Boban said nothing could replace the one and only Big Al, but said she would be grateful if someone were to gift her another aloe plant.

"I know there are other people out there like myself that cherish their plants the same as I do," she said.

As for the thief, she just wants to know why they stole him.

"It would be nice if they would just return him to my porch, but if they intend on keeping them, I just ask that they take good care of him and love him dearly."