Woman needs help getting refund for diet program

Posted at 5:46 PM, Apr 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-07 08:54:34-04

A woman in Monroe says she paid for a program to help her lose weight, but she lost money instead.

You have likely heard commercials about NutriMost on the radio, even seen them on TV. They provide weight-loss programs for people who want a healthier life.

But one woman we talked with says she knew it wasn’t going to work for her after she called her cardiologist. Since then she’s been having a hard time getting a refund.

Trudy Boes has a heart condition called SVT, but still wanted to try NutriMost. But Trudy says as soon as she used the first pill she knew something was wrong.

She called her cardiologist right away and tried to get her money back on that February day – $1,025 – and every day since.

We went to one of NutriMost’s offices today – no one was there. So, we tried them on the phone. After nearly ten-minutes Dr. Stanley agreed to refund Trudy all of her money.

Dr. Stanley also told us he didn’t want to initially give Trudy back all of her money because she used some of the supplements. But again, he decided to do the right thing.

He says her money should be back in her account in the coming days.

A reminder tonight- any diet program you decide to try - check with your own doctors before doing so.