Young nurse found murdered outside Sterling Heights apartment complex

Posted: 11:04 AM, Dec 09, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-11 06:04:48-05
Woman shot multiple times in Sterling Heights
Woman shot multiple times in Sterling Heights
Woman shot multiple times in Sterling Heights
Woman shot multiple times in Sterling Heights

Family and friends are devastated after a young nurse is gunned down outside her Sterling Heights apartment.

Kiah Hopson, 24, was killed early Saturday morning outside of the Parkside Apartments near Van Dyke Ave & Utica.

Sterling Heights police said they don’t have any leads and they’re asking for the public’s help to get tips.

Hopson’s closest family and friends said they are still trying to process the fact that someone murdered her. 

"When I say she was perfect, if there was a word better than perfect, she was it,” said Kiah’s cousin, Deasha.

Deasha and Kiah’s best friend, Shantiec, said Kiah worked really hard for her goals.

"She was the one who finished nursing school first, out of everybody, all of her friends are in nursing school, she set the tone,” said Shantiec. 

They said Kiah thought of nursing as a calling. 

"She was 22 years old when became a nurse, she worked very hard,” said Shantiec.

They don’t know who could be responsible for her death.  Shantiec said Kiah moved into the apartment by herself in August.  She was a strong and independent woman.

"She was hurt outside of her home, she wasn't out a club, she wasn't pulling up to a guy's house, She was at her home.  When you think of home, you think of safety,” said Shantiec.  

She’s leaving behind proud parents, two sisters, a brother, a nephew she doted on, cousins and best friends she considered family.

"It's the worst pain ever, it's the worst pain,” said Daesha.

If you have any information that could help police catch the killer, call Sterling Heights Police at (586) 446-2800 or at their investigation bureau at (586) 446-2825.