Woman sues Coldwater Police Department after she sees surveillance video of arrest

Posted at 6:50 PM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 18:50:04-05

"I was devastated," said Tiffany McNeil who is accusing a Coldwater Police officer of assaulting her while she was handcuffed and in their custody. "I couldn't believe that had happened to me, especially by a cop."

McNeil says she has no memory of the incident that left her with 20 stitches, but it was a nurse in the jail hospital who told her that she needed to get the surveillance video. 

"I was absolutely disgusted," said attorney Solomon Radner who is now representing McNeil in a lawsuit against the officers involved and the Coldwater Police Department. 

7 Action News made calls to the Coldwater Police Department for comment and to ask if there was ever an investigation into the actions of the police officers. Police officials have not responded.

Click on the video to hear from McNeil and watch the surveillance video in Kimberly Craig's report.