Woman working to get mother's ashes from Perry Funeral Home

Posted at 3:31 PM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 16:25:18-04

Venessa McMath used Perry Funeral Home to cremate her mother, but with the close of the home after a raid that uncovered 63 fetus and infant bodies, she’s not sure if she will ever get her mother's ashes. 

“I just pray and I just say momma I’m sorry because I wanted my mom to be put away I just wanted to have a decent funeral with family and friends loved and supported her,” Venessa McMath. 

She says she tried to get the ashes, but was told she can’t because the funeral home is shut down. 

Police say they found 37 fetuses and infants inside three unrefrigerated cardboard boxes, and another 27 from a freezer inside Perry Funeral Home Friday afternoon. 

7 Action News did receive a statement from a lawyer representing Perry Funeral Home. It says in part that the allegations only involve remains from a local hospital who had indicated the remains were “unclaimed” by the parents. 

Others in our community want people to know that help is available for burial of infants. 

“We provide support services for families, funeral assistants, annual ceremonies,” said Angie Winton. 

Angie Winton is with Metro Detroit Share, an organization helping families with the loss of a child. Winton says she is partnering with other organization in our area to let parents know there are resources out there to help with the burial of infants. 

“There are at least five of our organizations in the area that help families burial costs, cremation, head stone, earns, so there is help out there both from financial aspect and the emotional support,” said Winton. 

For more information on Metro Detroit Share, click here