Women sentenced in the 2017 murder of a Detroit O'Reilly Auto Parts manager

Posted at 7:05 AM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-01 20:30:32-04

The two women who were charged for the murder of an O'Reilly's store manager were sentenced on Friday morning. 

Shawnta Anderson and Eboni McEwen-Ross both pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for the murder of James Haller. Anderson was sentenced to 30 to 60 years at the Michigan Department of Corrections, while McEwen-Ross will serve 21 to 50 years, with credit for 200 days served.

James Haller's family attended the two separate sentencing hearings for both Anderson and McEwen-Ross, with Haller's widow addressing the court during Anderson's sentencing. 

"You don't know what you did young lady do you understand me? You don't know what you did? And I wish I could get to you to hang you in here today! To hang you cause that is what you need!" Patricia Haller said. 


Wayne County Prosecutors say that on Nov. 1, 2017 Anderson and McEwen-Ross casually walked into the O'Reilly auto parts store on Schaeffer Road on Detroit's west side. At the time the pair walked into the store, Haller was in the back of the building. 

Within minutes of entering the store, the pair walked up to the counter and Anderson pulled a gun on the cashiers demanding money. She ordered both cashiers to open their registers to grab the cash inside. As Anderson walked from behind the counter, Haller came from the back of the store and yelled "Hey." That's when Anderson fired a single shot striking the Vietnam War vet in the head. Haller was rushed to the hospital and within two hours he was pronounced dead. 

The pair fled the scene in an SUV. 


Within a week of the murder, on Nov. 7, police surrounded the area of Millford and Colfax and took Shawnta Anderson into custody. Police say they were tipped off that Anderson was hiding inside a home in the area. 

The following day, Leviticus Butler was arrested in connection to the murder. Prosecutors say he drove the get away car and helped harbor the women. He was charged as an accessory after the fact. 

A few days later after the arrest of Anderson and Butler on Nov. 15, McEwen-Ross surrendered herself to the police accompanied by her attorney. 


The widow of Haller addressed Anderson in the courtroom on Friday morning. She was overcome with emotion and told the defendant, "You don't know what you did." and that "You have no idea how I want to get you," before attempting to make physical contact with the defendant before officers in the courtroom stepped in.

Haller returned to her set, and let out one last cry before leaving the courtroom. 

Once Haller stepped out, Anderson was given an opportunity to speak to the court. 

"People make mistakes and your mistakes do not define who you are as a person," Anderson told the judge before being given her sentence. 

Anderson was escorted out and McEwen-Ross was escorted into the courtroom for her sentencing. During that time James Haller's son, Christopher Pasha, spoke to the court.

"And if at all in my power I'm going to make sure you spend every single year of that sentence to the maximum behind bars," Pasha said. 

Unlike Anderson, McEwen-Ross gave a tearful apology for her role in the murder. 

"I never meant for anybody to get hurt and I know it doesn't mean much but I am sorry," she said. 

McEwen-Ross stood with tears streaming down her face as the judge sentenced her.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office say the sentences the girls received are part of a plea deal with the consent of the Haller family. 

The third accomplice, Leviticus Butler, was charged as an accomplice after the fact and given two and a half years probation.