Workers from Dearborn valet service accused of joyriding in man's vehicle

Posted at 7:57 PM, Jan 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-31 20:01:29-05

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) — A Dearborn man returns home from an amazing vacation, only to end up disappointed when he as dropped off at his car. Chris Holland says the valet parking service he used didn’t just park his ride, they were horsing around in it too.

Holland claims his experience with V.A.L.E.T. Connections in Troy was insane and caught on camera.

He has a dash-cam mounted in plain sight on his Ford Focus. When he returned home from his 11-day vacation, he took a look at the video. What Chris discovered left him fuming.

Caught on camera was an employee of the company whipping, drifting and hot-dogging in his car.

“It kind of baffles me," Holland said. "Just brazen or how ignorant and how dumb is this person? I wish people weren’t so scummy and abused your property. I ended up trying to call them and email them, and they just ignore everything."

Valet Connections claim to have no knowledge of the situation until Action News brought it management’s attention. However, they do plan to refund Holland’s payment in full.

The owner of V.A.L.E.T. Connections declined to do an interview on camera. This statement was sent in its place, per its public relations representative:

“The video we recently received isn’t entirely clear and we’re unable to determine the make/model of the vehicle and the driver’s identity. nevertheless, we’re taking the matter very seriously. Valet connections has the highest service standards and if our internal review finds that our driver behaved inappropriately, we’ll take necessary disciplinary action. we’ll also use this opportunity to review our service standards with our employees to ensure nothing of this sort happens in the future.”

“The guy that was actually driving my car, I would not mind at all if he were fired," Holland said. "Hopefully he learns a lesson out of it. Just do your job."

It’s always best to keep your hands off other people’s property if you’re planning on horsing around.