Wrapped in Love hosts cancer survivors for photoshoot

Posted at 4:50 PM, Oct 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 16:50:34-04

Models at one photoshoot show off more than just a pretty smile. They represent strength and courage because they are cancer survivors.

"It's always fun to just get dressed up and get your makeup done," said Katie Batchelder.

She is enjoying the spotlight after being on the brink of death. Batchelder was diagnosed with brain cancer six years ago when doctors found a tumor the size of a baseball.

She says she survived because she had an attitude that should be modeled after.

"I'm not going anywhere. That was my attitude."

Now, she is being an actual model. Cancer survivors were asked to take pictures for Wrapped in Love. It's a fashion line of wraps made specifically for cancer patients.

"Something for all different age groups as well. Like I said, pretty enough for anybody to wear but always with a patient in mind," said Karen MacDonald of Wrapped In Love.

MacDonald created the line a year ago as a tribute to her mother who died from cancer.

"When she was in the hospital a few years back, I designed a wrap to go over her patient gown to give her some warmth and beauty and dignity," she explained. "And I saw the difference that it made and the nurses also said 'it really makes a difference, you should think about that for others as well."

Karen asked cancer patients and survivors to show off her products.

"Wraps, head wraps, different accessories for cancer patients and survivors," she said.

Katie added, "I never had anything like this when I was going through treatments."

But for the models, it means getting your makeup done and feeling beautiful.

Katie said, "I pamper myself, I guess anyway, but it's nice to have someone else do it for a change."

"Just to feel good about themselves despite the challenges they are going through," Karen added.

Karen gives a portion of the proceeds to different charities each month. This month she is giving it to American Cancer Society.

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