You voted and these are the top 7 best BBQ spots in metro Detroit

Posted at 6:36 AM, Jul 25, 2019

(WXYZ) — For many of us barbecue is a summer time staple.

But to do it right takes time and a lot of it. Buying all of the ingredients, marinating for hours but all before the first slab goes on the grill.

But breath-taking barbecue doesn’t have to be time-intensive. In our Thursday’s Top 7, were counting down the seven best barbecue joints in metro Detroit.

#7 Union Woodshop (Clarkston)
At number 7, we’re headed to Clarkston and Union Woodshop. They call themselves a hand-crafted, wood-fired joint. Grab the Texas toast for brunch. The brisket or ribeye are great for the hungry. Once you’ve had your fill of barbecue, you can move one over to the wood fired pizza.

#6 Slows Bar-B-Q (Corktown Detroit)
Slows BBQ in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood comes in 6th. It’s been a destination for BBQ lovers in Detroit and beyond. Slows gets high marks for the ribs, brisket and pulled pork. And folks love the wings!

#5 Bad Brads BBQ (Shelby Township)
Looking for a good time? Check out Bad Brads BBQ. They have four locations, including Clinton and Shelby Township. They’re in 5th. Bad Brad’s BBQ was started back in 2009 when the economy was bad. But the great food keeps the crowds coming back for more.

#4 Smoke Street Bar-B-Que (Milford)
At Smoke Street BBQ in Milford, the saying is Run. Smoke. Eat. Repeat! The family is bringing 60 years of restaurant know-how with each plate. They get high marks for their craft cocktails and happy hour.

#3 Woodpile BBQ Shack (Clawson)
We stopped by the Woodpile BBQ Shack in Clawson just as they were taking the brisket out of the smoker. The pit master gave us a taste and it was delicious. The brisket is fresh, hot and juicy. The folks here will tell you great BBQ can’t be rushed.

#2 Lockhart’s BBQ (Royal Oak)
At Lockhart’s BBQ in Royal Oak, there are signs proclaiming this is the home of real BBQ. The inspiration for the BBQ here comes from Lockhart Texas, home to four world-class BBQ restaurants. The goal here is to keep you from having to fly to Texas for top flight BBQ. You can just stop by one of Lockhart’s two locations in Metro Detroit.

#1 A.B.’s Amazing Ribs (Dearborn Heights)
The top spot goes to A.B.'s Amazing Ribs. A.B. started by serving family and friends, but now is serving the masses at his restaurant in Dearborn Heights. The meat here is 100% certified halal. But the flavor and juiciness is.. well amazing!

And since great BBQ can’t be rushed, these great BBQ joints often smoke the meat overnight. That means, when they’re out for the day, you’re out of luck.

So the earlier you are by you’re favorite spot, the better your chances of scoring some of the best BBQ around.