Depression signs you should look out for during the coronavirus pandemic

Posted at 8:37 AM, Apr 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-30 11:23:16-04

(WXYZ) — With the coronavirus pandemic forcing us apart, limiting our interaction and hammering the economy, common anxiety and stress could tip into depression.

How do you know if it's short term or something more? There are some common symptoms and actions you can take to start your rebound.

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Detroit native Charese Wilson has battled depression for 13 years and knows first-hand the isolation can be too much for any of us.

With routines disrupted and anxiety so high, changes in our mood, hygiene and motivation are signs we may be struggling to cope with the pandemic.

Dr. Jennifer Matthews, the founder of Hope and Restoration Counseling, said these are some warning signs.

- Feeling down for days on end
- Irritability and restlessness
- Difficulty concentrating
- Trouble performing typical tasks

"Also, sleep is impacted. So some individuals are sleeping a lot more than normal or not sleeping at all," she said. "Another typical symptom of depression would be feelings of worthlessness."

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There are things you can do to fight it. Have a routine to stick to, and find support.

Other tips include scheduling calls with family and friends, bundle news consumption in the morning and evening, treat yourself to healthy meals and walks outside, and remember, things will get better.

Signs of depression and grief

"And if you really just can't kind of break this stuck feeling would be a time to seek out a mental health professional," Matthews said.

Matthews says grief has symptoms very similar to depression, and many of us are grieving the loss of jobs, family members, our health and normalcy.

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