Wayne County residents can get financial help with prescription costs if affected by COVID-19

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Posted at 6:44 PM, Jun 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-15 21:19:17-04

BELLEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) — Along with losing their jobs because of COVID-19, many have also lost their health care coverage. Taking simple daily medications has become unaffordable but now one program is hoping to offset those steep costs.

"My job was basically eliminated so they gave us sixty days of insurance so May 20th, and that since has expired," said Don Maurer.

In mid-March, Don Maurer was permanently laid off from his job at a small oil and gas company, leaving he and his wife, Doddie, struggling to pay their medical expenses.

"Doddie is a type one diabetic so she has to have insulin and I am currently a COPD patient, so we have some health issues," said Don Maurer.

"My insulin can go up to $125 to $200," said Doddie Maurer. "Maybe sometimes as high as $700 depending on the type of insulin."

Terrified of the mounting costs, the Belleville couple went searching for help and what they found was a lifesaver.

"In general, our primary goal is to help individuals that have been adversely affected by COVID-19," said the CEO of SGRX Ime Ekpenyong.

A program offered to Wayne County residents through a partnership with Wayne County Health Choice and pharmacy benefit manager, SGRX.

"It's their mission to make sure enrollees have uninterrupted access to critical medications during the pandemic.

"We're committing to covering 50% of your out of pocket costs for prescriptions for a 30 day supply up to $1000 per person," said Ekpenyong.

TheSGRX portal finds participating pharmacies throughout Wayne County like Kroger and Costco.

And the process to enroll?

"It was fairly easy, just submit the list of prescriptions that we use and that was it," said Don Maurer.

The Maurer's care for their four-year-old granddaughter a few times a week so their health is top priority.

"I'd probably die, or be in the hospital for quite a long time, I can't survive without insulin," said Doddie Maurer.

Thankfully for Doddie, the goal is to continue the program for as long as the need is there.

"We are a Wayne County, Michigan based firm and our goal is to start at home," said Ekpenyong.

Here’s the Rebound Rundown

  • All Wayne County residents are eligible that have lost insurance since COVID-19
  • Log on to or call the helpline to qualify (1-866-966-7479)
  • The clinical team of nurses and pharmacists will help with a compliance program to make sure patients’ needs are met

SGRX and Wayne County are still working to get the word out. They’re encouraging you to tell your friends and family about this potentially life saving program.