Could Ted Lasso save the Lions? Actors Brendan Hunt and Nick Mohammed talk with Brad Galli

Ted Lasso Brendan Hunt and Nick Mohammed talk with Brad Galli
Posted at 9:57 AM, Mar 04, 2021

DETROIT — Stars of the hit Apple TV show 'Ted Lasso' are filming the second season of their hit comedy.

Brendan Hunt and Nick Mohammed play Coach Beard and Nathan 'Nate' Shelley in the Jason Sudeikis-led show. The actors talked with WXYZ about the success of the first season, and what's to come in the follow-up episodes.

"We did not see this coming," Hunt said of the show's acclaim. What started as a sketch has turned into an award-winning, fan-favorite. "We're just trying to enjoy it while we can."

A couple big notes from Mohammed: they've already filmed six episodes of the second season, and he thinks it's going to debut in the "late summer." We're getting more episodes this time, too. Apple TV is working on 12 new episodes for this season.

"We're about halfway through shooting season two," Shelley said. "People have really seemed to take this show to their hearts."

Shelley's character Nate was a shining bright spot in a show quite honestly full of bright spots. He said he's excited to see where his character goes.

"I haven't seen 7-12 yet. I know roughly what's going on. It's so exciting when you get sent the next script," he laughed.

Sudeikis won a Golden Globe for his role as the title character. Ted Lasso is a head football coach at Wichita State, who lands a job leading a Premier League team overseas. He implements the 'Lasso Way,' to varying degrees of reception.

So, could Ted Lasso save the Detroit Lions?

Hunt is a Chicago sports fan, and helped create the Lasso world with Sudeikis. He had a quick, well-educated response.

"My friend, nothing can save the Detroit Lions," he said.

"Looking at the NFC North, NFC Central, as I have my whole life, it seems to have rotated a bit. The Bears were really good for a while, then the Packers would get good and not, the Vikings have been really good. And then the Lions - you tell me what's going on here. The Lions have been good for brief, brief periods. They don't get their turns on the carousel for whatever reason."

Hunt said two of the co-creators of 'Ted Lasso,' Joe Kelly and Sudeikis, helped make 'Detroiters' with Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson.

"The positive energy of 'Detroiters' is what makes 'Ted Lasso' what it is to a degree. So I want that positivity to return to the blue and silver, at least a little. Get your turn!" Hunt smiled.

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