NewsFlint Water Crisis


Titans distribute water to Flint residents

Posted at 6:54 PM, Feb 22, 2016
and last updated 2021-01-14 15:59:51-05

By now, you've likely heard the horror stories involved with the flint water crisis.


"I have to take a bath with bottled water, cook with bottled water, brush my teeth with bottled water, I can't just use my water. Right now my water is brown," Flint resident Monica Wilson said.


But you've also likely heard of the unbelievable amount of support flint is getting from all corners of the country, the Detroit basketball team is no different.


"This is what Titans do isn't it? This is what we do right?," Detroit Mercy head coach Ray McCallum said to a former players dad who happened to show up in need of fresh water.


Senior Anton Wilson is from flint and wanted to help. He and the women's basketball team have been collecting water at home games for the past few weeks.


"To get out and to be able to have an impact and make someone else's life better, it's a touching experience for us," McCallum added.


The line of cars at the Broome Center continues to be as long as it is right now, the steady flow of people are still in need of fresh bottled water. And since Anton grew up literally across the street from this facility, it certainly hits home with him today.


"I never thought I'd be able to help Flint as a whole, I thought it would be touch a. Few people's hearts here and there but just to touch everyone in Flint some type of way, it really means a lot to me," Titan senior Anton Wilson said.


"It makes me proud, I'm just elated right now because they came out from Detroit to help us, everybody that's in our Flint community," Monica Wilson added.