Larkin, Red Wings teammates embracing 'D-Boss'

Posted at 5:59 PM, Feb 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-10 18:55:29-05

Dylan Larkin leads the Red Wings in goals, points, and plus/minus. 

He's also the current leader in newest nickname.

Thanks to an unearthed homemade video from six years ago, Larkin is being called 'D-Boss.'

It makes sense. It's the name he gave himself in the video.

"It's a bit embarrassing watching it, but I guess you just have to laugh it off," Larkin said on Wednesday.

His teammates are not letting him off the hook.

"Yes, D-Boss is going around here in the locker room," Henrik Zetterberg said.

The video, posted on Larkin's friend's YouTube page in 2010, has gained popularity when it was uncovered over the weekend.


Larkin has answered questions about the video for two days now, and has been a good sport. 

"It was harmless, I think. You do some digging, you'll find some stuff, especially guys my age. That was kind of the thing: make YouTube videos," he explained.

Jeff Blashill promised he won't be calling Larkin by his new nickname, and pointed to the way his rookie forward has been handling it as a sign of maturity.

"I'm glad people had fun with it, but I think from his perspective, he was a young kid having fun," Blashill said. "I am very glad myself that those moments weren't captured on video for me."

Don't expect the D-Boss nickname to go anywhere. Blashill said he thinks this is "good for him," and then paused before saying, "I hope that --- well, I won't comment on commercials."

Zetterberg echoed that thought.

"I keep telling him, that will work out in his favor."

Will we see a D-Boss commercial?

Only if the dungeon is ready for sick snipes.

Brad Galli is a sports anchor and reporter at WXYZ Detroit. Follow Brad on Twitter @BradGalli