Lions QB Matthew Stafford exploring options to help with injured finger

Posted at 1:07 PM, Dec 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-15 10:07:17-05

The splint was gone, but Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford appeared before practice with tape on his injured middle finger saying it feels "about the same" as after the Lions win over the Bears Sunday.

Stafford dislocated his middle finger and tore ligaments on his throwing hands in the first half of Sunday's game. On Wednesday, Stafford says they're still exploring options for what will work best . At Wednesday's practice he appeared to be trying out a one-fingered glove.

Neither Stafford nor head coach Jim Caldwell would confirm whether or not Stafford will wear gloves or tape for this Sunday's game against the New York Giants, but Stafford did say he will use practice to find out what option effects him the least. He also said if he doesn't wear a glove, he's like to play without any kind of added protection.

Stafford said that his injury doesn't appear to be a "less is more" situation and that it shouldn't impact how much work he does and how many snaps he takes this week in practice or come game time.

Sunday's game in New Jersey could be cold and rainy or snowy. Neither Stafford now Caldwell seems to think this will effect them, but bad weather could be one more impediment to Stafford's throwing hand.

When asked about the possibility of offseason surgery, Stafford said he doesn't think he will need it.