Matthew Stafford's numbers, recent wins proving Lions quarterback is one of NFL's best

Posted at 6:53 PM, Oct 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-20 13:08:19-04

Matthew Stafford's numbers don't lie. He's been excellent since the second half of last season.

The Lions quarterback has seemingly pulled wins out of thin air, with an inexperienced offensive line and injuries to key players all around him.

When Fox Sports football analyst Peter Schrager pointed out earlier this week Stafford's touchdown-to-interception ratio is the best in the NFL since Week 10 of 2015, the conversation about the Lions QB added another new chapter.

So how does Stafford react to positive attention?

"The same way I feel when people say I'm terrible and I'm the reason we're losing. I don't pay too much attention to it," he said on Wednesday.

37 touchdowns and only six interceptions since Week 10 of last season is the best ratio in the NFL over that time.

So is he elite? Using that word has incited Joe Flacco fans and detractors for years. And Flacco is far from the only quarterback whose talents are debated in football crowds.

Stafford strayed away from answering any questions about his own ratings or accolades.

"We're winning football games because we have talented football players on this team. On the offensive side of the ball, my job is just to get the ball in their hands and let them go."