IndyCar driver Scott Dixon surprises girl who wrote him letter after crash

Posted at 5:09 PM, Jun 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-22 17:09:34-04

Verizon IndyCar Series Driver Scott Dixon surprised a little girl who wrote a letter to him after his terrifying crash at the Indianapolis 500.

You may recall, Dixon went airborne on lap 55 of the Indy 500 after hitting Jay Howard's car. He then came down on top of the SAFER-Barrier wall and his car split in half.

Amazingly, Dixon was able to walk away from the crash with only a hurt ankle.

After the crash, 9-year-old Lucy wrote a letter to IndyCar, thanking them for keeping Dixon safe.

"Dear IndyCar, I love Scott Dixon, and as you may know he just got in a big crash. So what I wanted to tell you is that thank you so much for keeping him safe. I saw him limping on TV and just wanted to make sure he was ok. I've loved Scott Dixon since I was really little and got so scared and started crying. Again, thank you so much for keeping him safe!!! Sincerely, Lucy Grade 2," the letter read.

Jake Query from the IndyCar radio network found the letter and worked with the team to get Dixon to surprise Lucy.

Check out the awesome video below.