Inside the Huddle with Jim Harbaugh: Playing catch with Tom Brady and Jabrill Peppers' NFL role

Posted at 3:53 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 10:51:11-04

The Michigan Wolverines faced their first tough test of the season in a 45-28 win over the Colorado Buffaloes Saturday, and head coach Jim Harbaugh talked about that test during his weekly interview with Brad Galli.

According to Harbaugh, he loved the fact that his team was tested, and said every game will be a test, and will bust their skill and toughness.

"As we looked at our schedule we said every game would be a test," he said. "Every team we play we are treating with the utmost respect, we're treating like a big game mentality, like a championship game."

He said his team passed the test.

Next week, the Wolverines open up the Big Ten season against Penn State, which Harbaugh said because they are going for the championship, all Big Ten games really feel like they count as a game and a half.

He also discussed Jabrill Peppers, who was named the Big Ten co-Defensive Player of the Week and Special Teams Player of the Week for his game.

According to Harbaugh, Peppers has played 11 to 12 positions already with the team. As for where he sees Peppers in the NFL, Harbaugh said as a nickel.

"Perfect combination of a safety and linebacker," he said. "And as a returner, punt returner or kick returner. He could also be a slot."

Harbaugh also said Peppers could be a returner, and might be a two-way, or even three-way player.

"As people love ice cream, they want to eat ice cream every day," he said. "That is the way Jabrill loves football, he wants to play football every day. It's fun to watch."

Tom Brady was also the honorary captain for the game against Michigan, and Harbaugh said he couldn't turn down the opportunity to play catch with him.

"Saw Tom standing there, and said 'I'm not passing this up,'" Harbaugh said. "So I got his attention, made eye contact, gave him the sign, then it was on."

The pass, Harbaugh said, almost catches itself it's such a good throw.