Miguel Cabrera finally talks, says he plans to finish contract with Tigers

Miguel Cabrera
Posted at 11:35 PM, Sep 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-26 23:35:19-04

(WXYZ) — Tigers players have rotated through Zoom chat responsibilities, addressing reporters throughout the pandemic-affected 2020 season.

Miguel Cabrera has not talk to reporters since spring training. He had not conducted any interviews since the season began.

On Friday, the Tigers recorded a session with questions submitted from beat reporter. In it, Cabrera talked about his future with the Tigers.

"I have three more years on my contract. And I am going to play them," he said. "I don’t know what’s going to happen after my contract is over. My focus right now is playing these next three years and then we will see what happens."

The 37-year-old said he had trouble sitting in the dugout when his teammates played defense. He prefers being in the field, and said he had to learn how to adjust to only being a hitter.

As for completing his Tigers career back in contention, Cabrera said that's his plan.

"I think that’s our goal, to be a contending team that can be in the playoffs," he said. "I think we are in a good place to do that, but we have to have a lot of patience because we have a lot of young talent. They are learning how to play in the big leagues, but I believe they can get better, and hopefully next year we will be a better team and we will compete for the playoffs."