Pistons head coach Van Gundy finds silver lining in disappointing season

Posted at 5:41 PM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 17:41:51-04

The Pistons haven't been shy about the fact that the 2016-17 season was an incredibly disappointing one. However, Stan Van Gundy says the team might be able to turn that into a positive for next year. 

"I think our guys are profoundly disappointed in what happened this year and scarred a little bit and willing to make some changes. For most of us, when we make changes is when we fail," Van Gundy said Friday at their final press conference of the season.

Van Gundy also acknowledged that there are several individual players that need improvement over the offseason, but that be still believes the core roster is talented enough to achieve their playoff goals.

There are some big questions surrounding the roster as the team heads into the offseason. One of the biggest questions marks in point guard Reggie Jackson. He dealt with injuries right from the beginning of the season, and spent the last few games as a healthy scratch.

"I don't have much doubt to being that guy, and as I said to him, I honestly believe he'll be better because of the learning experience and what he's been through here. Anytime you go through something like that in tends to mature you," said Van Gundy,

On the list of people who need improvements, Van Gundy also cited himself. He said he needs to be more open right away to making lineup changes and he needs to looks at his offensive systems and perhaps revamp -- or overhaul -- some of them to better accommodate the players he has.